Photo Cred: Moyann Brenn

Rather than try and stick to a bunch of resolutions this year, I’ve resolved to try a handful of new habits out for a short period of time, and see if they have any positive effect on my life. I’ve heard somewhere that it takes twenty-one days, or iterations, to makes something a habit, and so this is the number I chose for myself. I thought I’d take one new thing, try it consistently for twenty-one days, regardless of how I felt during that time, then┬ádecide whether or not to keep it at the end.

I’ve talked before about this short-term method of planning, and how it not only makes things easier, but also keeps you flexible so that you can take advantage of opportunities that may arise throughout the course of your experiment.

The very first habit I tried to cultivate was journaling. And each night, starting from the new year, I sat down with my notebook to answer two specific questions:

  1. What wins did I have today?
  2. What is one thing I learned?

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